Staying Afloat To Survive Against Strong Tides Is An Act of COURAGE.

The Moment Before Letting Go Is Often When We Grip The Hardest.

If you are reading this, something is telling you it's time for a change. Whatever you have been doing to stay afloat is no longer working. Staying Afloat Counseling is a space to come and sit and learn how to keep from drowning- however that looks for you. You are allowed to show up and be unapologetically you.

Are transitions in your life increasing your anxiety, depression, sadness, fear, anger, confusion, etc? Are you experiencing a decrease in sleep, enthusiasm, energy, social fun, etc? Transitions in life can be anything, but necessary to keep growing and learning. From becoming a mom/parenting, relationship status changes, graduating college, career changes, moving into a new decade of age- anything that you didn't envision for your life at this point. When we meet, you can allow yourself to talk freely and openly about how hard it is to keep treading forward when it would just be easier to quit, but that is not an option.

Your story is safe with me. I will help you find that inner power to trust yourself to make decisions and gain your life back with the autonomy you are seeking! Faith is warmly welcomed at Staying Afloat Counseling. 

About Marika Courtney, LPC

I have many years of counseling experience from working in community mental health, addiction/rehabs, community jails, school systems and private practice. I work with adults ages 18 and older who are ready to work diligently towards a life that feels good for themselves. Yes, you deserve that! Laughing at ourselves with self compassion feels freeing as we cannot be anyone else besides who we were made to be.

My approach to therapy is compassionately person centered and solution focused.  I am not here to hold your hand or show a face of pity; but I am here to empower you to trust yourself and support the life you envision for yourself.  I help you to get unstuck in life to start living and not just existing. Sometimes, the answer to getting unstuck is JUST DO IT! Procrastination is just the deflection of not wanting to experience unwanted feelings. If not now, then when? If not you, then who?